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Application for Admission
Other Information
Recent School History

Please list the names, addresses, and dates of attendance for any school the student has attended during the past 3 years.

Dates Attended:


CLMA Connections


Alumni Family

Please list any family members or close friends who have attended Carson Long Military Academy.


In making this application, the undersigned hereby affirms his/her understanding of and agreement with the following:

- that the enrollment of each CLMA cadet is subject to the conditions and financial terms stated in the Enrollment Agreement and to the cadet’s compliance with the schools regulations and with the CLMA Honor Code;

- that cadets are enrolled from the date of entry through the last scheduled day of the school year and that CLMA does not refund or reduce tuition in the case of a cadet’s absence, dismissal or withdrawal;

- that in support of the school’s policies prohibiting the use of alcohol or illicit drugs, the undersigned gives permission (upon the cadet’s enrollment at CLMA) for the Administration to require the cadet, under the appropriate circumstances, to submit to alcohol/drug screening tests, the results of which will be made known to the cadet’s parents and paid for by the parents;

- that the undersigned must fully disclose to Carson Long all information pertaining to the student’s physical, medical, educational, emotional, and psychological conditions and needs. Failure to fully disclose such information may result in dismissed of the cadet from Carson Long without tuition reduction or refund;

- that all of the student’s immunization records and health forms must be on file with the Infirmary before his first day of residence at the school;

- and that upon the cadet’s enrollment at CLMA, authorization is granted for Carson Long to use images, video, audio, or other depictions of the cadet for publications or advertisements.

Date: Jul 22, 2019

Qualified applicants are accepted without regard to race, religion or national origin.